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Scalp Tension Massage

Duration: 30mins ($38)

Using specially blended essential oils and focus technique on the shoulder and scalp area, you will feel your tensions release… leaving you a clear state of mind….


Destress Back Massage

Duration: 30mins  ($48)

Many people carry tension in their neck, back and shoulders, this therapy revitalizes these regions of the body, After massage, you will walk away renewed and refreshed.


Hot Stones Back Massage

Duration: 30mins ($58)

Using hot volcanic pumice stones and blended natural oils with long flowing strokes to heal and rebalance the Yin & Yang energies within the body, this relaxing massage helps to relieve muscle tension, increase body metabolism and soothe your mind…Leaving you in a tranquil sense of the well-being.


Herbal Warm Compress

Duration: 30mins ($58)

A traditional Thai medicinal treatment that uses 11 kinds of herbs such as lemongrass, camphor, ginger, turmeric, kaffir lime to treat problem areas and also serves as a healing and in soothing sore & aching muscles.


Aromatherapy Body Massage

Duration: 60mins ($85)

Aromatherapy massage has been used for centuries to promote health and well being, with the help of the therapeutic
Blended essential oils from our exclusive signature blend collection, this relaxing massage will help to soothe your nervous system and enables you to reduce anxiety, stress, tension and insomnia.


Aesthetics Blend Massage

Duration: 60mins ($90)

Aesthetics signature massage is normally requested by those receive massages frequently. This deeper, firmer massage incorporates aromatherapy movements and deep tissue techniques of Balinese, lomi lomi and shiatsu to affect the release of recurring muscle tension.


Shiatsu Body Massage

Duration: 60mins ($90)

This finger pressure massage is a combination of Chinese Tui Na & Japanese techniques, focusing on the “Qi” that is been circulated within the body, it also helps to improve the well-being of the whole body.


-Body Spa & Hydrotherapy-

Ratus V Spa Treatment

Duration: 20mins ($58)

The V Spa is a form of Traditional treatment, using dried herbs from Indonesia call “ Ratus”, Malay call it “ GangGang” , that has been carried out since the ancestor’s time, this is a series of holistic treatment to restore a balanced mind, body and soul, it helps in reducing excessive Vagina discharge, eliminating fungi, discomfort and unpleasant odor, post menstrual, enhanced intimacy.


Lava Stone Ball Massage

Duration: 30mins ($58)
The volcanic stone properties help to re-balance the body of yin and yang.  With it spicy scent, it is also recommended for aching muscles, post sport, sprain and improve blood circulation.


Meridian Ovary Care

Duration: 30mins ($85)
This treatment boosts the functions and the immunity of the womb and ovaries. Helps to balance irregularities menstrual cycle, menstrual flow, bloated, gastric problems, relieves wind, indigestion and constipation. Get your tummy toned and firmed up at the same time.


Balinese Ginger Scrub

Duration: 30mins ($58)

Using ginger essence, this scrub provides the skin with natural vitamins and helps prevent rheumatism and anti-wind properties.


Whitening Organic Coffee Scrub

Duration: 30mins ($58)

This scrub utilizes the natural acids in coffee to soften and fully revitalize tired skin, using specially chosen organic coffee grounds. It removed dead skin cells and smoothen away all roughness, helping to improve cell metabolism leaving the skin soft and silky.


Javanese Lulur Scrub

Duration: 30mins ($58)

This traditional treatment is often been regarded as one of the popular treat to the Javanese Royalties back in the 17th century. Using ingredients such as rice power, turmeric and natural yogurt, this treatment will helps smoothen your skin, leaving it luscious.


Green Tea Scrub

Duration: 30mins $58

Green Tea is often been regarded as one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants, thereby counter free radical, removes dead skin cells, promote cell regeneration for very dry and mature skin and also provide soothing and moisturizing effects to your skin.


Orange Sea Salt Scrub

Duration: 30mins ($58)

100% natural selection consisting sea salts. Its composition of trace elements and mineral found in seawater helps to detoxify giving your skin the refreshing look….


Detox Herbal Scrub

Duration: 30mins $58

This invigorating scrub effectively eliminates impurities and works well in conditioning dry skin, with the help of different kinds of herbs, it naturally soothes your mind, minimize migraine problems and help strengthen our charkas with the body.


Balinese Boreh Wrap

Duration: 30mins ($68)

Using natural spice ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood, ginger and pure yogurt, this body wrap helps to ease your frequent headaches, fever, coughs, chills, has anti-wind properties, increases better blood circulation and with the help of pure yogurt to whiten & soften.


Marine Clay Wrap

Duration: 30mins $68

An intensive treatment that will definitely bring relief to muscle tension, aches and pain, it contains pure Dead Sea mud which deeply cleanse, exfoliates, soften and smoothen those part of the body which are more prone to rough skin problems.


Herbal Wrap

Duration: 30mins $68

Using Herbs and Balinese techniques, this wrap is good for those with migraine problems and helps to balance the charkas with the body.


Green Tea Milk Bath

Duration: 30mins $58

Travel back to the ancient Egypt days and explore the luxurious life of Queen of the Nile-Cleopatra. Simple soak yourself in a tub full of milk, this wonderful sensation will definitely allow you to live like a queen!


Marine Crystal Bath

Duration: 30mins ($58)

Its composition of trace elements and mineral found in seawater helps to detoxify giving your skin the refreshing look….


Aromatic Hydro Bath

Duration: 30mins $58

This lukewarm aromatic hydro bath that helps to relax tensed muscles and improves blood circulation. This therapy can also help to reduce bone stiffness and pain.


Herbal Bath

Duration: 30mins ($58)

It helps to refresh and relax your entire body, mind and spirit. Each bath session will literally immerse into a delightful sensation you will never forget.


Ear Candle Therapy

Duration: 30mins ($58)

This incense-like wax candle reinforce the flow of lymph nodes & our acupuncture points and reflex zones are stimulated hence benefiting those with sinus, cough, migraine and those with head and ear related problem.


Infra Red Heat Therapy

Duration: 20mins ($25)

Infra Red Heat Therapy is one of our most popular treatments here as the beneficial properties are effective for those who are suffering from rheumatism.




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nicholas-small"In 1.5 to 2 months, my wife lost about 7 kg. She is in good shape now."
- Nicholas Pinto
Full testimonial here

mike-small"Aesthetics spa really turn the situation around now my face is no longer that oily and the scars are gone."
- Mike Siow
Full testimonial here

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