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IPL Underarm Hair Removal @$18
Please call 6582 2925 (Elias Mall) or 6243 1719 (Bedok Branch) for appointment.

ipl-01Intense Pulsed Light (New Generation)FotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation@ $98 (2 hrs)

Usual Price $350

Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL ) also known as photo-facial, fotofacials and photo rejuvenation is a state-of-the art system and the latest technique in photofacial therapy. The IPL system delivers high intensity, smooth and powerful pulses of light that greatly enhances the results of your skin rejuvenation.

ipl-02For skin therapy, IPL stimulates new collagen growth resulting in smoother, more even, healthier skin especially for:

  • >> Acne Treatment
  • >> Pigment Lightening
  • >> Hair Removal
  • >> Skin Rejuvenation



IPL Hair Removal (Upper Lip, Armpit or Chin) @$60

Usual Price $150
An IPL hair removal treatment offers a long lasting solution to unwanted hair growth, leaving the skin smooth and hair free. Imagine no more shaving rashes to irritate the skin? The specialised IPL equipment targets the melanin in the hair and using specially designed filters is able to kill the hair follicle and the living cells around it, rendering it unable to produce new hair growth. IPL hair removal treatments are safe and non-invasive and offer excellent long lasting results.


promo1O2 Relaxing facial@ $68 (90mins)

Usual price $120

O² Treatment is a non-needle pressure injection with pure oxygen. This wonderful treatments revitalizes your skill, encourage your collagen to receive of a level of oxygen to look younger.




slimming3-in-1Slimming 3 iN 1 treatment @ $48 (75mins)

Usual Price $168






newRatus V Spa Treatment @ $28 (20mins)

Usual Price: $58

The V Spa is a form of Traditional treatment, using dried herbs from Indonesia call “ Ratus”, Malay call it “ GangGang” , that has been carried out since the ancestor’s time, this is a series of holistic treatment to restore a balanced mind, body and soul, it helps in reducing excessive Vagina discharge, eliminating fungi, discomfort and unpleasant odor, post menstrual, enhanced intimacy.





bali-tangiLava Stone Ball Massage @ $28 (30mins)

Usual Price: $58
The volcanic stone properties help to re-balance the body of yin and yang. With it spicy scent, it is also recommended for aching muscles, post sport, sprain and improve blood circulation.




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nicholas-small"In 1.5 to 2 months, my wife lost about 7 kg. She is in good shape now."
- Nicholas Pinto
Full testimonial here

mike-small"Aesthetics spa really turn the situation around now my face is no longer that oily and the scars are gone."
- Mike Siow
Full testimonial here

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